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Pup Labs

Warning : these applications may cause serious transformations onto some peoples behaviour, please make sure to feel good or call a professional for help. 0688449384

Death Simulator

Time to be alive.

Discover what your own death will feel like, so you can come back to do all the things you were scared of and maybe live, for the first time ever.


Pocket Therapist

Get over decade long traumas with a simple process inspired by science backed EMDR and EFT methods, in a few minutes to gain back control over your life.


Hide names, profile pictures and identities for unjudgmental content only timeline. 


Come Together

Free chaotic good environment to put in perspective everyones ideas. Join the party.

Developpement Studio

Vanguard life changing applications designed to kick you back alive before it's too late.

Death Simulator - 2021


EmoStation - 2022


Twitty - 2020


W'ALL - 2023



Join us to explore cutting edge fields scientist do not want to work on
to bring in the next generation of tools to save our planet.